About Me


Gary A Wales was born September 29th 1995 in Falkirk Scotland. He started performing at 6 years of age in community theatre. He moved to County Armagh in Northern Ireland at the age of 12 (2007). It was there where he began to advance his love of acting and production involvement. He has had roles in a number of local stage productions, TV programmes, shorts, films, as well as some commercial work.

He has experience working with BBC, BFI & HBO. He attended the Southern Regional College, studying Performing Arts (2012-2015). In 2016 he started his very own Clothing line GAW Clothing. In 2017 he moved back to his hometown in Scotland where he launched his production company GAW Films. In 2018 he announced and released his first magazine of the Gary A Wales Magazine Collection (GAWMC).

What makes Gary different from any other young talent? He is a Highly Motivated Scottish Actor seeking exciting or inspirational roles. He believes in himself. He dedicates himself to every role he takes and becomes the
character. His friends, coaches, and co-stars have always told him that he is highly
motivated and tenacious. He puts everything he has into making sure his character will help the film or show become a success. He feels blessed with this talent and he wants to be the best at it.


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