Actor and social media personality Gary Wales has been a busy man during the past few months. By doing charity work and producing the new show Psychosis, Gary has made sure to put himself on the map. We had the delightful privilege of speaking with him about his career and his future.

Hi Gary, how are you?
“I am never better, I just want to thank you for taking the time out to interview me. I hope you are well also.”

Let’s talk about how busy your schedule has been these past few months! What have you been up to?
“Yes, indeed I have been busy, I was traveling during the summer a lot and coming home to a lot more interviews. I have been working very hard on my social media and also other projects which can’t be mentioned.”

You recently did a 24-hour live broadcast in collaboration with Stand up to Cancer. What gave you that idea?
“Yes, I did. I knew Stand up to Cancer was kicking off around that time and I enjoy helping others and raising awareness and I thought, you know, if big YouTubers are doing it for 12 hours, I would do it for 24 hours live on Live.Me answering questions, entertaining people. I very much enjoy helping organisations and charities raise as much money as possible whatever their goal is.”

You have been very involved with various charities. Which ones do you support and why?
“It is important to me that people around the world feel connected and United as one. I support many causes; cancer, AIDS, the LGBTQIA community, anti-bullying, just to name a few. I’m always up for something that will help to move the world forward.”

It was recently announced that you’re going to be an Executive Producer for the USA based internet show, Psychosis. Can you tell us a little bit about that project?
“Yeah, and I’m very excited about that! I got contacted by the creator of it and he asked me to be the executive producer and I agreed to take it on. Psychosis is about Eight strangers who are faced by tragic events on the same day, their lives are almost destroyed until they are offered a chance to change their past through a time machine that makes you change your past by rewriting your subconscious reality. Through this journey, they are faced with harsh consequences that doesn’t just change their past – but also change who they are.”

You’re currently also producing several other productions, while also having acting roles. Do you prefer producing or acting?
“I prefer acting but I don’t mind producing. Yes, producer work can be harder but I enjoy hard work.”

What are your plans for the future? 
“I’ve just landed a manager in New York. My immediate goals are to branch out more globally,  as both, a producer and actor. I hope to eventually land bigger film roles and recurring roles on TV shows like Game of Thrones, which I’ve appeared on once, or other longstanding shows.”

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