THE “heartbreaking” impact of domestic violence and substance abuse on couples is to go under the spotlight in a short film

RAGE, which is to be shot in Glasgow next month, will attempt to show what goes on behind closed doors and help real life victims get the support they need. 

Featuring a “seemingly normal family man” on a date night with his wife, things turn nasty when he takes a mix of drugs and booze. 

It is being made by actor Gary Wales, who has featured in an episode of smash hit Game of Thrones, and filmmaker David Penman. 

Gary, 25, said: “The whole purpose of this movie is to show people what drugs and alcohol can do, especially behind closed doors, and how it can affect families around the world

“Every single day there are families going through this situation and no one really knows what happens behind closed doors. 

“You could just be chilling one night and then hear an argument from your neighbours, but you don’t really know what has happened.

“Anything can happen. Then suddenly the emergency services show up and people wonder.”

Having written the script several years ago, David and Gary believe the time is right to bring it together. 

As well as the Falkirk man, it will also feature Glasgow actress Lara Fullerton. 

“This is a short drama which is going to reflect on what happens behind that closed door,” Gary added. “It’s not really for entertainment purposes… it’s hard to put into words. 

“We are also going to give people resources they can use to learn more about this and to help.

“We aim to get this out to as many people and as many eyes as possible. I don’t think anything has been made like this before. It’s a short drama and it’s going to be very, very graphic.” 

More than £1000 has been pledged to fund the film, but Gary is hoping others will support it.

“It is going to be rated 18 and there will be two very harsh scenes in the movie,” he added. 

“We plan to start filming in June. We don’t have a confirmed date just yet but waiting on the council getting back to us.” 

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